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Percussive hammer
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Percussive hammer

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Product Description

This product is a percussive hammer. The impact principle is a drop assisted air push type, which can be used for oblique and straight strikes. The hydraulic pressure is up to 200kg and down to 50kg. The shock absorption effect of this product is particularly good (compared to the ordinary breaker, the shock absorption effect is reduced by 50%). This product is suitable for rock or steel with medium hardness and above.

Avoid: soft rock or clay, attached, (if steel is used, the life of this product will be greatly increased). Today, this product is a non-blasting mine with high efficiency excavator attachments, broken hammers, multi-angle mobile compactors, and pile drivers. Our direction is to reduce our own weight, increase the impact force, and produce products with better cost performance for customers.

Product Application Range

Mine mining---open mountain, mine, open mountain without blasting

Metallurgy---cleaning of ladle and slag, dismantling of each furnace, dismantling of equipment foundation

Highway --- highway repair, mountain widening, foundation excavation

Railway---opening of mountains, tunneling, road and bridge demolition, roadbed consolidation

Building---reinforced concrete broken

Technical Parameter

Specification name Unit DL1800 DL2100 DL2400 DL2600
Host weight ton 6.6 8.8 11.8 15.6
Specification mm 8600-750-1720 8900-780-1720 9200-820-1780 9600-880-1820
Hydraulic oil pressure kg/cm² 180-220 200-240 200-240 220-280
Liquid oil flow 1/min 220-290 240-320 350-450 480-600
Drill diameter mm 180 210 240 260
Strike frequency bpm 20-35 20-35 20-35 20-35
Equipped with vehicle weight ton 40-55 60-80 80-140 150-180


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